Serve Health Relief and Development Organization (SHRDO)

SHRDO is non government, non –political, non- profitable humanitarian organization started its operation in early (2008) after license given by MoE , the organization is officially registered with Ministry of Economic of Afghanistan with No 1238.

Afghanistan has been living with a prolong civil war for more than two decades which has resulted in ruing most of the physical and social infrastructures of the country.

After withdrawal of Taliban UN mission supported by international community engaged in the rehabilitation of Afghanistan, UN directed its support in two directions both in political and development stability.

Most people had very big hope that the country could move to more economic development and the social life of people would be changed, but unfortunately the security and instability in some part of the country hampered all progress.

Millions of money raid to the country, but still there is very less changes in the daily life of people.

National and international organization played significant role in reconstruction and development. The most successful programs from government side implement by NGO are BPHS and NSP.

During the last ten years attention was made to women whom are the most deprived portion of the society regarding culture norms, nutrition, security, education and access to services. Among them the women headed households especially from the rural part of the country are most suffering segment of this society

We are committed to achieve the SHRDO charter through empowering the Afghan women and vulnerable folk to participate in social economic and productivities.

SHRDO as an Afghan operated organization was established in April 2008 with main objective to improve socio-economic status of vulnerable (poor of the poorest mainly minority) and especially isolated Afghan women through their direct involvement in social and economic interactions.

The prime motive behind the formation of SHRDO is to improve socio-economic status of vulnerable and needy Afghan women and men through their direct involvement in the profit making activities, providing skill training (capacity building).